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Not Her Doctor
The Doctor wandered around the TARDIS for the seventh consecutive time.  There wasn’t a whole lot to do—well, actually, there was anything in the universe to do, that he knew. But it just didn’t feel right.  He missed Sarah Jane. He missed Wilfred. He missed Donna, he missed Mickey, he missed Martha, hell, he even missed Jackie, and nothing in his 900 years of existence could have prepared him for how much he missed Rose Tyler.
Rose Tyler. Just thinking of her name sent the shocking pain of grief through both of his hearts.
He found himself in the console room once again.  Tired of moping around the TARDIS, he plopped himself down in the chair, and upon pressing a few buttons, music began to play.
“Huh,” he thought, “1940’s. Not bad.”
As he began humming along to the tune, the name of the song suddenly came to his mind—In the Mood.  After Rose had been bugging him about dancing, and then after he had relearned ho
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Captain Bubbles Von Squishy
This was a terrible decision.  Oh god, it was looking at me, right at me! I took my phone off of my nightstand and dialed Sarah's number.
"Hello?" A sleepy voice answered.
"It's looking at me," I whispered, now hiding under my comforter.
"Haley, it's two a.m., what are you talking about?"
"Captain Bubbles Von Squishy," I peeked out from my shelter at the fish.  "He. Is. Watching. Me."
Sarah sighed. "And tell me again why you got a goldfish when you're afraid of fish?"
"I thought it would help me get over my fear… but I believe it's just making it worse."
"Yeah, I agree," she yawns. "Okay, I'm going back to sleep. You have fun with Captain Bubbles."
I groan inwardly. "Nighty-night. I'm sleeping on the couch tonight."
She laughs. "Night."
I set my phone back in its spot next to my bed.  In the darkness, I could make out the fish on my dresser, swimming around, watching me. Mocking me. There's no way I was going to be able to slee
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New ID (again) by becausepandas New ID (again) :iconbecausepandas:becausepandas 1 0
He loves me, he loves me not
He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me.

Spending the days
Thinking of his face
Then in the nights
Her mind took her away
With the sound of his voice
And the sparkle of his eyes
They may not be together
But she thinks it's alright.
He loves me not.
Holding her breath
She watches him walk
further and further away
He loves me.
She waits for a sign
Pictures him in her mind
Longs for a chance to be together
To be his sun in the gray
He loves me not.
But alas, time does pass
And with each passing day
No words will stay with her
For there are none to say
A new shoulder to rest on
She feels guilty, nonetheless
But then, why should she
When he never danced with her
In that dress?
He loves me
I love him not.
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I throw my pencil to the floor
Out of frustration once again.
I can never get it right.
Not once.
Why does everyone else do everything
While I have to plan
Every detail
To not mess up?
Everyone has such natural abilities
But mine must be acquired
Through determination
Which I do not have
And imitation.
That is all I am.
All I can ever be.
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creative writing- dodo bird
My name is Johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt, and I'm a dodo bird. People say that I'm stupid, but that's not righty-o. If I was stupid, how would I know that 3 times 2 is 47? Exactly.
On to my adventures. I'll never forget the first time I found a campsite in the woods. There was 3 tents, and I could tell there was food in all of them. I get food, and new friends! Yaaay!
I saw that the first tent was zipped shut, so I ripped a hole big enough for me. I saw that they were still sleeping. It was 7 a.m.! How late were these people gonna sleep?! So, to wake them up, I jumped on them and made a lot of noise. They must not of been morning people, because they started screaming and ran away. But they left their crackers behind, so it was ok.
The people in the second tent were curtious and left the door open. I went inside, and they were sleeping, too. And they had an open can of red bull- alright!! I drank it all and got really hyper. I guess I startled them, and they ran away. One person
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Pablo- creative writing
Pablo the tap dancing dinosaur
Once upon a time there was a dinosaur named Pablo.  Pablo loved to tap dance.  He would tap dance all day and all night in his cave, with his top hat and favorite matching cane.  Pablo was the only tap dancer in his village, and the other dinosaurs didn't like tap dancing, and were always mean to poor little Pablo.
One day, Pablo was tap dancing, and decided to take a break.
"I sure am tired!" Pablo said, hanging up his hat, cane, and tap shoes. "I'm going to take a nap."
While Pablo was napping, some of the mean dinosaurs walked by his cave and saw him.
"Look, it's Pablo!" one of them said.
"He's sleeping..."
"Let's draw stuff on his face!"
And they did- they wrote very mean things on his face, including:
'Tap dancing iz not kool'
'u r not kool'
and things of that nature. When Pablo began to stir, the mean dinosaurs ran away.  Pablo looked in the mirror when he awoke, and started to cry.  He didn't like t
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MR: P.S. I Love You Ch. 9
I think my brain just disappeared.
I’m sitting in Fang’s lap with his face in my hair. I feel like squealing like some love struck teenager.
Wait. I am a love struck teenager.
We sat like that for a little while, and eventually, I managed to calm down a little.
Fang sighed and tightened his grip around me.
“Max… we need to talk.”
That was unexpected.
“Talk about what?” I murmured, turning my head so my cheek was pressed against his chest. I inhaled slowly, taking in as much of Fang’s scent as I could. I felt his steady heart beat, which was a little faster than our norm.
Fang was nervous. But why?
“About you leaving,” he said so softly that I almost didn’t hear him.
Oh. That.
“What about it?” I asked, tightening my grip on his hand. I meant the gesture to be reassuring.
He squeezed my hand in return, silently thanking me for the support.
“In the letter you left that night, you said that if we went with you, all
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"Hey Mako, remember when you told me you know how to sew?" Korra asked almost immediately after he came home from work.
"Yeah, why?"
"DADDY!" their four-year-old daughter cried. She ran into the room, clutching a stuffed tiger-monkey in one arm, and one of its legs in the other. A few pieces of stuffing fell to the floor as she looked up at Mako, trails of old tears running down her cheeks, and new ones threatening to escape her shiny, gold eyes. "Happy's broken!"
Sticking out her lower lip, a habit she inherited from her mother, she held out her toy and its severed leg to Mako. "He needs surgery, daddy, before the rest of his guts fall out!"
Mako took the tiger-monkey and its leg from her, trying not to let any more stuffing fall on the floor. He smiled at his daughter. "Don't worry, Tori, Happy will be alright."
Tori sniffed. Korra picked her up.
"Come on Tori, let's go listen to Uncle Bolin's pro-bending match while daddy fixes Happy."
Tori sniffed again and looked up at Korra. "O-O
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Korra: In The Blood by Booter-Freak Korra: In The Blood :iconbooter-freak:Booter-Freak 2,994 426 Avatar Discovers Shipping 3 by Booter-Freak Avatar Discovers Shipping 3 :iconbooter-freak:Booter-Freak 3,332 668 Avatar: LOK Discovers Shipping! by Booter-Freak Avatar: LOK Discovers Shipping! :iconbooter-freak:Booter-Freak 20,212 2,976



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I was looking back at yearbooks and stuff from back when I was in elementary school. Aside from it being absolutely freaking adorable, I was reminded of how much I loved reading and writing at a young age.

And that really made me think. I still love both, almost ten years later, but how much do I really do it? I take creative writing and honors English and love reading and writing in my free time, so why do I feel like I have to know things about math and science to a great extent if that's not my main interest, just because people I'm close to do? So what if I'm not taking AP bio next year or Algebra II over the summer? It's my choice what direction I take academically, and ever since I was a kid I've loved reading and writing.  I do like science and math, but not as much as reading and writing.

If I ever post anything soon, expect text. Just my rant, thanks.


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United States
Hey, I'm Haley, you can call me Panda if you like!

I don't come on here much. I'm on tumblr a lot, though. You should check that shit out.



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